Surface Pro 3 features

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Surface Pro 3 and Windows

Surface Pro 3 comes with Windows 8.1 Pro edition (for commercial customers), which includes BitLocker data protection, domain join, and Remote Desktop Connection hosting. 

Not sure which version of Windows you have? See Which version of Windows operating system am I running?

If you're not sure which Surface model you're using, see Find out which Surface model you have.

Diagram of Surface Pro 3

Not sure where to plug something in or turn up the volume? To help you get around, here's a diagram.

A Surface Pro 3 is shown from the front, with callout numbers identifying ports and other features.

1. Volume
2. Headset jack
3. Speaker
4. Power
5. Front camera
6. Front privacy light
7. Front microphone
8. Mini DisplayPort
9. Full-size USB 3.0 port
10. Kickstand
11. Windows button
12. Charging port
13. Pen

Surface Pro 3 features

Work your way

Flip out the Surface Pro 3 kickstand to any angle and work or play comfortably at your desk, on the couch, or while giving a hands-free presentation. Choose the angle that's right for you. Multi-touch lets you use your fingers to select, zoom, or move things around on the screen (learn about using a touchscreen).

Surface Pro 3 supports standard Wi-Fi protocols (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) and Bluetooth®, and it has the ports you expect in a full-feature laptop. 

  • Full-size USB 3.0 port. Connect USB accessories—like a mouse, a printer, a 4G USB dongle, or an Ethernet adapter.

  • microSD card slot. Use the microSD card slot for extra storage or transferring files. Learn more about Surface storage options.

  • Mini DisplayPort version 1.2. Share what's on your Surface display by connecting it to an HDTV, monitor, or projector (video adapters sold separately). Learn more about connecting Surface to a TV, monitor, or projector.

  • Charging port and 36-watt power supply. Attach the included power supply to the charging port when your battery is low. Learn more about Surface battery and power.

  • Cover port. Add Type Cover for Surface Pro 3 (sold separately) so you'll always have a keyboard with you. Thin and light, Type Cover even helps protect your touchscreen while you're on the go. For more info, see Surface Type Cover.

Next-gen power for your ideas

Surface Pro 3 uses the 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor (i3, i5 or i7). Choose from 64GB or 128GB storage with 4GB RAM, or 256GB or 512GB storage with 8GB RAM. Want even more storage? Learn more about Surface storage options.

Express yourself

Music, podcasts, and audio books sound crisp and clear with Dolby® enhanced sound. Need a bit more privacy? Plug your favorite headset into the headset jack. When you’re on your next call or making your next video, take advantage of the noise-cancelling stereo headphones. See Surface sound, volume, and audio accessories for more info.

And for both videos and photos, you’ll have two 5-megapixel cameras. Each camera has a privacy light, so there are no surprises. For more info, see Take photos and videos with Surface.

Surface Pro 3 back features

Make it your own

Learn about the optional accessories that work with your Surface Pro 3.

  • Surface Pen

  • Surface Type Cover

  • Surface Dock

To take full advantage of all your Surface can do, you can download apps that use the four available sensors (compass, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope). If you want to learn more about Surface Pro 3, download the User Guide for your Surface (English only).相关文章:surface pro3  surface pro4  surface pro5  surface pro6  surface pro7  surface pro8 surface pro3对比pro4  surface go值得买吗  surface pro电池充不进电 Surface手写笔用的几号电池 surface电池限制功能 surface pro X  Surface Pro X评测  微软surface值得买吗  微软surfacebook3什么时候发布  surface双屏幕模式   Surface Studio  surface duo评测 Surface Book现屏幕闪烁不停 surface屏幕闪烁不停怎么回事  微软surface pro4 屏幕抖动  surface一直更新怎么办


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